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De (ver)oude(rde) techniek van de Rotterdamse repeaters PI3RTD en PI2RTD (ca. 1995-2005)



144MHz ARDF peil ontvanger.
Volledig nieuw ontwerp.
Enkel super. Moderne direct verkrijgbare onderdelen.
Ouderwets makkelijk te solderen componenten met aansluitdraden. Slechts 4 SMD.
Met 1200DPI PCB maskers, complete beschrijving, constructie- en afregel aanwijzingen.
Behuizing : 50mm ALU pijp.
Gebruiksduur van de 9V batterij : meer dan 6 uur.

Only for 10pcs or more :
I can supply low priced, professionally made, double sided PCBs,
with top- and bottom silks and solder masks.
It simplifies construction.

Top quality 144MHz ARDF/foxhunt receiver.
Completely new design.
Single super. Build only with modern, from stock available components.
Nearly all components have connection wires or pins. Only 4 SMD.
With 1200DPI PCB masks, complete description, construction and adjustments instructions.
Housing can be made from standard 50mm ALU pipe.
9V battery, over 6 hours life.

Home made VHF helix filters. 
Very selective, low insertion loss.
Very cheaply made from paint cans and copper wire.

One to four resonators.
Combinations with coax filters.
145MHz band pass and 160MHz reject.
EN 144 - 435 MHz wideband low-noise hi-IP preamp.
EN 3.5 - 435 MHz directional couplers on a small piece of PCB. Dependable and accurate.
EN 145MHz ARDF antenna. VERY EFFECTIVE and light, proven design.

145MHz repeater duplex filter, made from PCB material and 22mm copper water pipe.
(GW4AKZ and Dirk Rijnenberg constructed one). Republished 20130529

435MHz repeater duplexfilter. Republished 20130529

Full theory on (145MHz) cavity filters(After a paper of G8AMG)