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Xfilter RF noise canceller. 

PCB : 20.-- Euro.

Youtube demo

Building description


PCB, with on-board noise free power supply.
Just connect receiver and sensor antenna.

(pe0rig) Automatic Loop Tuner, improved by pa0nhc
pa0nhc 20160321 / 20180204

Pure hardware, no software.

Prototype with home made PCBs.

Three new factory made PCBs v201803. These PCB's fit inside a nice cheap ALU cabinet

PCB set price 30.-- Euro

A4 manual Euro 10.- including packaging and postage

Building description

Manual loop tuner.
Drives a 12Vdc motor for a loop tune capacitor.

PCB price : 12.50 Euro

Building description.

Small MAGNETIC (H-FIELD) active receiving antenna.
Easily adaptable for other frequency bands
Use able from VLF to 21 MHz.
Here described with 3,65MHz version ferrite antenna.
Very selective.
Remotely tune able.
Directivity pattern is like a full size dipole.
If rotate able : suppresses nearby  noise sources.

Antenna unit PCB with on-board mantle current choke.
Choice for used ferrite rods : between cheap 50x8mm to expensive 200x12mm.
Complete antenna unit can fit inside a 60mm PVC tube, with no external antenna rod.

Tuning unit PCB with build-in noiseless power supply.
Shifts inside a cheap ALU housing.

Set price for 2 PCBs : Euro 20.-
Building description

Famous by pa0nhc improved version of the pa0rdt
wideband active E-field receiving antenna.
Very hi-IP, IMD-free.
Output Ip3 : +35dBm, Ip2 : +45 dBm.
10 kHz - 30MHz.

longer antenna PCB with mantle current choke, and to lower frequencies widened frequency range.
New splitter (combiner) PCB.
With to lower frequencies widened frequency range.

Set of two PCBs : Euro 18.-

Set of two PCBs + BFU590G + BF998 : Euro 23.-

Separately posted transistors BFU590G + BF998 : Euro 6.50 .

Both PCBs assembled as below, without splitter housing nor antenna housing : Euro 125.-  

Building, installation and denoising instructions


noise-free power supply
for the Miniwhip, the magnetic receiving antenna, and other critical receiving  applications.

The PCB fits inside a cheap ABS housing.

Version 2070922-12 with IC1 = 7812 TO220 : only one available.
Price 15.-- Euro. 

New version PCB v.20180225-15 is now available.
With IC1 = LM2940-12 SOT223 and extra D1 and C8.
Price : 17.50 Euro.

Building description.

Modulated 65 mW foxoring 80m mini TX.
Nine switch able tone+sequence combinations.
Adjustment-free crystal oscillator unit.
9V battery supply
Fits inside a 50mm PVC tube.
With build-in tuner for its whip antenna.

PCB price : Euro 15.--
10 PCB's : ask price.
Building description

ARDFrx 2m. 145 MHz ARDF direction finding receiver.
Sensitive. Selective. Over 90dB gain regulation range.
Fits in small ALU die cast box.

New version PCB with relocated wire connections, and updated coil footprints.

PCB price : Euro 15.-

Printed building
guide A5 : Euro 10.-
Euro 10.-
(including packaging and postage).
This is a copy from text on my site.

   Building description

ARDFrx 80m.
3.55 MHz ARDF direction finding receiver.
Small, light. Sensitive. Selective.
Adaptable for other frequency bands.
With build-in balanced ferrite antenna circuit.
Single super heterodyne, 10.7 MHz IF.
Over 90dB gain regulation range.
Fits in small standard cheap ABS box.

New version PCB 20180128-16

PCB price : Euro 16.-

Printed building guide A5 : Euro 10.- 
 (including packaging and postage).
This is a copy from text on my site.

Building description.

Directional VHF couplers.
28 MHz to 435 MHz.

Three versions with DC output.

4x BNC, for in TEKO 371 box.

4x BNC, for in TEKO 372 box.

Miniature PCB, for 4x coax connections.
for inside equipment.

Three versions with RF output.

4x BNC, for in TEKO 371 box.

4x BNC, for in TEKO 372 box.

Small PCB , for 4x coax connections.

ONE  PCB : Euro 7.50
Every DIR-coupler PCB more : Euro 2.50

Building description

pa0nhc VHF-UHF low noise, hi-IP, wide band  
preamp 28-440 MHz
3x BNC,
50 Ohms in / 50 Ohms out,
6.8 - 13.6 V @ 28 mA supply.
Proven quality and sturdiness.

Price : Euro 10.-
Building description
pa0nhc VSWR sweeper. 
Complete with all needed software and instructions.  >> My version WORKS <<

Price of the green base board : Euro 12.50
Building description

pa0nhc Magnetic near field indicator
for monitoring Magnetic Loop field strength while tuning.
One thin coax connection.
Set price for 2 PCBs : Euro 12.50
Building description
PCB for 100W ring core transformers and relay.
For matching a 10m circumference 80-40m magnetic loop antenna.
At distance switch able between 40m and 80m, with one cheap relay.
Including mantle current choke.

Example of used FT240-61 transformers

Price of PCB  : Euro 12.50
Building description

pa0nhc RF Low Power Meter.
Active, 4.5V / 10 mA AA battery supply.
Measuring range : 
-55 dBm to +6 dBm.
Two ranges :  FSD = -14 and +6 dBm.
(8 kHz) 32 kHz - 800 MHz (2.5 GHz with reduced accuracy).
Internal 50 Ohms load.
No calibration needed.

Two versions, special UHF design SMD PCBs.

The left PCB is universally use able for coax connection.
On the right PCB is a BNC bus.
Fits with batteries in a small and cheap ABS box .

Set of two versions PCBs, set price : Euro 10.-
Building description

RF power meter  
Active, 4.5V / 10 mA AA battery supply.
Through line with external 50 Ohms load.
Measuring 0.4mW to 200W or
-8 dBm to +53 dBm.
3 ranges : FSD = 0.02 / 2 / 200W
16 kHz - 145 MHz.

No calibration needed.
Fits between two BNC busses, with batteries in a small and cheap ABS box.

Price of especially shaped VHF designed PCB : Euro 12.50
Building description