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Please help me developing new projects by ordering these PCBs.

Prices including free worldwide shipment.

Carefully RF-designed PCBs in perfect quality.

>> When ordering a PCB, DO print and keep a copyof the actual version of the accompanying article. <<

PCB prices can change.
When a new ordered series arrives, sometimes i must pay BTW and extra DHL costs.
These costs can be up to 50% on top of the total (PCB+shipment) costs.
These extra costs are included in my latest selling prices.
For a larger number of PCBs : ask price.


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Xfilter active RF noise canceller.
PCB : 20.-- Euro.

Youtube demo

Building description



Automatic Loop Tuner.

PCB set price -----  Euro. Available may/june.
Building description  
under construction
A4 manual -----  Euro

Handy manual loop tuner.

PCB price : Euro 15.--

Building description.


MAGNETIC (H-FIELD) active receiving antenna.

Set price for 2 PCBs : Euro 20.-

Building description


wideband active E-field receiving antenna.

Splitter PCB alone :
Euro 11.-- 

Set of Antenna+Splitter PCB : 
Euro 23.50 

Set of two PCBs + BFU590G + BF998 :
Euro 28.50

Separately posted transistors
BFU590G + BF998 : Euro 6.50 .

Both PCBs assembled
, without splitter housing nor antenna housing :
Euro 150.-  

Building, installation and denoising


New PCBs ver. 20180316



Noise-free power supply for miniwhip.

PCB price : Euro 17.50

Building description.


New version PCB v.20180225-15

Modulated 65 mW foxoring 80m mini TX.
With build-in tuner for its whip antenna.

PCB price : Euro 15.--

>> 10 PCB's : ask price <<

Building description


145 MHz ARDF direction finding receiver.

PCB price : Euro 15.-  

Guide A5 : Euro 10.-

Building description


3.55 MHz ARDF direction finding receiver.

PCB price : Euro 16.-

Printed building guide A5 : Euro 10.- 

Building description.


New version PCB 20180128-16

Directional VHF couplers.

28 MHz to 435 MHz.

Three versions with DC output and three versions with RF output.

ONE  PCB : Euro 7.50
Every DIR-coupler PCB more : Euro 2.50

Building description


a.   DC output (3 versions) :

4x BNC, for in TEKO 371 box.

4x BNC, for in TEKO 372 box.

Miniature PCB, for 4x coax connections.
for inside equipment.



b.  RF output (3 versions):

4x BNC, for in TEKO 371 box.

4x BNC, for in TEKO 372 box.

Small PCB , for 4x coax connections.

Preamp 28-440 MHz.

Price : Euro 10.-

Building description


VSWR sweeper. 

Price of base board : Euro 12.50

Building description


Magnetic near field indicator.

Set price for 2 PCBs : Euro 12.50

Building description



PCB for 100W MAGLOOP ring core transformers.

Price of PCB  : Euro 12.50

Building description


Active RF 6dBm Low Power Meter.

Set of two versions PCBs, set price : Euro 10.-

Building description



Active 200W RF Power Meter.

PCB price : Euro 12.50

Building description