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Fig 2. A good place for your antenna: on the front
 wall of your house.

 When a house is hit by lightning, there is a great chance that the hit-point is the antenna.
The lightning current then routes to earth. When no special measures are taken, this route runs mostly from the antenna, over the coaxial antenna cable, to the radio. Then the lightning current runs through the mains cord to the mains, and will jump to earth near the mains power meter.

The damage caused by a lightning hit can be very different in nature. There can be some little burned places with light damage to the radio and mains-installation.

In other cases the lightning causes a trail of devastation. The radio cannot be repaired. The mains installation mostly does not work anymore, becouse of evaporation of wires and melted fuses.

In the worst cases the damage can be so bad, that the house is lost or totally burned down.
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