Some safety measures against lightning-damage for radio amateurs
Layout: 20060314. Sound: lightning storm stereo recording 200508 by pa0nhc (dynamic range 50 dB !). File size 2Mb / 2min.33s.

WARNING: near the end of this 2m33s recording you hear a lightning-strike on my rooftop, directly above my head (2m distance). So it is LOUD !! (Dynamics over 50dB !). It is a thunder recording i made on a MP3 player, at the balcony of the top store of our 14 store apartment building.

The sound of the heavy rain falling in the street 42meters lower, is in this recording therefore very low-level. For real-life audio-experience you should turn up your volume up until the rain-noise sounds like severe rainfall at a distance of about 50 meters.

Yes, it becomes real LOUD ! Watch your family HIHI.

Thunder storm recording



This NEN-brochure is old, from 1977. It can not be ordered anymore at the NEN. But i found it very useful for radio amateurs.

That is why i translated this brochure from Dutch to English, and put it on the Internet.

Some data could be outdated, and/or only applicable to the Dutch environment.

But it gives a good idea where the problems could arise, and what could be done to minimize the risks.

I take no responsibility for any of the information in it.

If you can use professional installation materials, you better study the NEN 1014 or newer norm-files.

Nico, PAoNHC.    

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