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EN Properties of ceramic and film capacitors explained.
(Why ceramic C's should not be used in critical designs, HF nor audio)
EN "Balanced audio" (A Video Tutorial Created by Russell Brown 2010).
EN Microphone-gain-setup utility. Unique, fast and easy setup gadget
for equal sensitivity and ample headroom of all your microphones.
You only have to know what the sensitivity (mV @ 94dBspl)
of your mikes are, to besure of ample level and headroom.
EN High quality UNI directional (half-cardioids) floor microphone construction.
EN a. High quality stereo floor microphone: construct a L2floorarray.

b. Phantom powered line driver for Panasonic electrets microphone capsules.


Hoogwaardige condensator microfoon interface met 25V voorspanning uit 48V fantoom voeding.

Top quality condenser microphone interface including 25V capsule bias from 48V phantom input.



Uitgangs balancering effect van studio microfoons, meten en verbeteren.

Output balancing effect of studio microphones, measuring and improvement.


MXL990 and MCA SP-1 condenser microphones, modification.


Behringer C2 microphone modification.
EN Sony MZ-R30 and MDS-JE520 MD recorders. Signal level measurements.


Simple, pure sinus tone oscillator, click free key able.