pa0nhc RF low power meter 4uW - 4mW.
Preliminary development data.

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BEFORE you start soldering or drilling : please do print the PDF documentation, and read them fully.

=> By using the stated components and values, this little instrument is correctly indicating RFpower, without the need for calibration ! <=

By Veron Lab measured properties of the prototype
 during DVRA 20191102
In respect to 0 dBm source.
3,5 MHz : -0.218 dBm ( a neeldle thickness)
100 kHz : -2 dB.
1.6 GHz  : -3 dB.
The scale indications above and below 0 dBm were correct.

PCB 43 x 32 mm
is available

As i cannot invest, i do not supply parts.

1. Save the PDF files below to HDD (click-right - "Save target as ....") 
2. Open the file from HDD in ADOBE READER   https://get.adobe.com/nl/reader/
3. Print the file at A4 paper with setting "Scale 100%". 
3. Keep the prints as documentation for building and service of this version of the project.

Properties Schema Operation Partslist Parts locations Meter scale Meter calibration
Switch panel Drilling sketch1 Drilling sketch2 Drilling Soldering PCB istallation
functional check