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A redesigned, very sensitive and selective ARDF radio foxhunt receiver for the 145 MHz band.
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Some data will be updated according to the new PCB design.

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New PCB V.20180123-14.
1. As factory wound coils become very scarce, this new PCB is adapted for still available, and for hand to be wound coils.
2. External wiring connections are relocated, to widen the space between the oscillator circuit and the wiring, enhancing stability.
3. Wiring can be soldered, or used with RM2.5 connectors.
4. Added an extra ground screw near the oscillator circuit, for extra mechanical stability.
REM :  FET1 and FET4 can be BF998R, or BF998 soldered upside-down. (Wide leg = S).

Available PCBs

1. Save all PDF files below to HDD (click-right - "Save target as ....") 
2. Open each file from HDD in ADOBE PDF READER (download reader here  https://get.adobe.com/nl/reader/  )
3. Print each file at A4 paper with setting "Scale 100%". 
4. Keep the prints as documentation for building and service afterwards.

5. Read all info before you start ordering components.
6. Be sure to have obtained, or wound, all coils.

Properties Schema
Parts list
PCB 20180117-10


sketch 1
Setup Coil adjustment
using a
signal generator.
Update 20200425.