PCB service - more info.
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>> DO keep a (printed) copy of the actual version of the accompanying article. <<

      My PCB prices are :
- including free worldwide shipment,
- in bubble envelop,
- cheapest postage,
- with no "track and trace",
- nor CN22/23 form.

If you want Track and trace, it costs 15 Euro extra on top of the total cost.
Without it, i take no responsibility for lost nor damaged goods. REM : lost goods did not happen before, only opened packages by customs.

Delivery time after postage depends on the distance and foreign post companies. It varies between one day to a few weeks. 

After a re-order by me to a PCB factory, i sometimes have to pay extra DHL costs on receiving the ordered goods. These costs can be up to 50% on top of my PCB+shipment costs. I then will include it into new selling prizes !

20180912 : Due to recently lowered max. weight / stamp specifications by our post company, some PCB prizes had to be adapted.

In the building descriptions, i give parts lists including part ordering numbers for "www.conrad.nl". BUT Conrad only sells to western EU, and does not sell worldwide. 
        If Conrad does not sell to your country :
- Read the parts technical details on www.conrad.nl , using the given Conrad ordering number.
- Use these details to order an equal component elsewhere. 

No building kits are available.
I am a 79 year old pensioner, with very limited finances. This PCB service is just a part of my radio amateur hobby. I cannot keep stock for all components. Sorry.

            Parts available together with PCBs :
I sometimes offer a few cheap and small parts together with PCBs. A few specialized parts are not available even at Conrad, and must be ordered at eBay or elsewhere. If you order these parts together with the PCB, you do not have to order them elsewhere with costly extra postage charges for you. 

            Assembled PCBs.
I sometimes offer completed build PCBs, without housing nor connection materials (because weight and size rises the postage costs to much !).

As soon as is payed for the order, i will order parts not in stock, and build it. Postage time can be up to two weeks after secure payment via Paypal.

            Working for others for free is not my hobby. I therefore include in the total selling price :
-  component material costs,
-  component postage costs,
-  component selection and ordering time,
-  construction time and testing time. 
-  packaging,
-  track and trace,
-  and postage costs of the finished product.
   This all adds up.

You want to keep it cheap? Then order parts yourselves, construct it yourselves, and test it yourselves.