<<  pa0nhc printed circuit board service.
How to order
20210112 :

                            ===== Pay to my ING bank account (preferred for less costs for me) =====

            Please pay the amount of money on account number :
IBAN :            NL59 INGB 0001 6905 41     (This is the combined bank+customer number)
BIC    :            INGBNL2A                             ( Only for your info, it is mostly not needed).
At my name :  N.H.C.J. Veth
Mentioning   :  what you order
The bank address (only for your information) :
ING Bank N.V.
Foreign Operations
PO Box 1800
1000 BV Amsterdam
After that DO NOT FORGET sending me a mail to    pa0nhc@gmail.com    mentioning :
a. That you paid + the amount of money
b. + What you order
c. + Your postage address

            After checking your payment on my account, I will post the ordered goods the following working day

                                             ===== OR pay to my PayPal account =====

send me a mail to    pa0nhc@gmail.com    mentioning :
1. What you order
2. The total cost
3. Your postage address for the PCBs
4. Your Email address for PayPal (so i can send to you my payment request via Paypal).

a. I then will react by sending a payment request to you via PayPal.
b. I will receive an automatic message from Paypal, as soon as you paid to my PayPal account.

c. I then will send the ordered goods the following working day

REM : as i post the goods the cheapest way, it can take some time (days to weeks) for the arriving
of your goods.  AND sometimes, at delivery, taxes are declared by the postage company.