Pa0nhc A600 schematics .

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Printable enhanced scan of A600 schematic.
Some PA0NHC A600 modifications (see descriptions for more).
New PEAK meter schematic for 6 identical circuits on one board.

All six circuits are identical.
The PCB is available.
In circuit4 (FET drive) is one extra resistor parallel to signal input line J5-12 installed : R47 = 22k.
It compensates meter drift due to LM324A input leakage current.
Peak meter circuit1 parts locations.

This picture shows the part locations only for meter circuit1. 
The parts locations for circuits 2 to 6 are the same.
While part designators for circuit2 to circuit6 are numbered 20 to 60 higher.
Example for circuit3 :    R31, C31, IC31, Meter31, Gain31 etc.
Band switch schematic.
Output to LPF is TTL level.
Top and bottom copper surfaces are insulated from cabinet ground.
Power and ground connected to LPF through 10 wide flat cable.

This PCB is available.

Back panel schematic.
Important : Ground of TRX, PAin, PAout and ANT busses are insulated from the cabinet, the "Key" circuit and 12Vdc power supply GND.
=> They are only connected to the LPF and the PA boards through the screens of the connecting coax cables. <=
The 12Vdc output "minus", "Key" bus and relay circuits are connected to cabinet GND.

This PCB is available.
Back panel partslist.

pa0nhc A600 PA block/cabling diagram.