A600 PA project : Installing ferrite chokes.
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==>> Always FIRST press F5 <<==

Preventing harmonics radiations by power connections..
 => Only #31 ferrite should be used. Other ferrite materials are not recommended. <=

You could install on power cables FairRite ring cores Nr. 2631801202 with the maximal number of turns cable through its 19mm hole. 
Always use the thinnest cable practical, to enable more turns, for better chokes. 

Install #31 cores directly near the PA cabinet (see photo3) at :

a. The 240V~ input from the mains (3.5Aac).
b. The 240V~ output to the 50Vdc  power supply, (3.5Aac).
c. The 50Vdc coming form the power supply (16Adc).
d. On the "Transmit" command ( "keyline") cable (the one with BNC connection). Wind at least 14 turns through the 19mm hole of a 29mm FairRite ring core Nr. 2631801202 core. Use thin RG316 or RG174 coax, which enables more turns through a 19mm core hole and a more effective choke.


In case of RF feedback problems (RF in microphone or other equipment), you could install #31 ferrite cores :

        PA TRX and ANT connections :
Wind RG300 PTFE coax 18 times through the hole of an 61mm diameter ring core MIX31 FairRite catalog Nr. 2631803802 . Cheap and very effective.
Use "TyWraps" to fix the coax in place. PTFE cable is slippery. See photo1.
Wind seven turns RG300 in the 19mm hole of FairRite clamps Nr. 0431173551. These are less cheap and less effective but handier to install. See photo2.

Cheapest and best :
18 turns RG300 in the 34mm hole of a 61mm  mix 31 ring core. FairRite No. 2631803802
Costs abt. 6 Euro/piece.

Use "TyWraps" to fix the coax in place.
PTFE cable is slippery.

TRX / ANT : Seven turns RG300 wound in FairRite mix #31 clamps FairRite 0431176451.
Costs abt. 6-8 Euro/piece

Keyline : abt. 17 turns RG316  / RG174 through the 19mm hole of FairRite ring core 2631801202
Cost 1.70 Euro/piece.

Common Mode Chokes in all other cables FairRite mix#31 ring core 2631801202
Costs abt. 1.70 Euro/piece.

Wind with the thinnest cable practical
the maximal possible number of turns.

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