A600 PA project. Fans.
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==>> Always FIRST press F5 <<==

Under the bottom plate, blowing into the
cooling profile.

Inside the back plane, blowing outside.

20210319 - Fan changes.
I exchanged both first used unregulated Arctic F12 fans, for Arctic F12TC fans with automatic Temperature Control. These have external sensors on long wires. Both FAN sensors were taped to the side of the cooling profile sole, near the power FETs. They make the PA construction simpler and silent, although the TC-fans react a little slower due to the difference in PCB temperature and the cooling profile temperature. The fan-speeds are regulated between 300RPM (t< 30C) and 1350RPM (t>40C). At a distance of about a meter, these TC-fans are below 30C silent and just audible above 40C.