How to prevent damage from lightning strikes in antennas.
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1 Coaxial antenna cable
2 Free standing, metal tilt over antenna mast
3 Flexible connection around turning point
4 Metal console
5 Under ground buried antenna cable to the house
6 Vertical ground electrode, at least 4mtrs long
7 Alternative: a horizontal, in the ground buried
electrode, at least 15m long
8 Metal antenna mast-pipe
9 Mast clamp
10 Down running conductor
11 Antenna feed through wall
12 Link in antenna cable, downwards routed
13 Connection between the antenna cable and the
grounding in the down going link
14 Connection to metal roof gutter, or roof rim
15 Metal screening in coaxial antenna cable
16 Plastic outer insulation of coaxial antenna cable
17 Home made clamp, copper foil
18 Professional splitting clamp
19 Earth wire, spirally wound around the screening
of the coax antenna cable
20 Down going connection to lightning ground
21 Total lightning protection system with roof conductor
network, down going conductors and ground electrodes