19 Final adjustment of the completed duplexfilter, general info.

19.0.1 Firts close all toplids firmly. Use, to prevent radiation outof or into the topcompartments, tooth-locking-rings to ensure good electrical contact.

19.0.2 The cavities are allready individually nearly correctly tuned after adjustment of the shift. So when applying power to the filter, there must be some reading of output, and a reasonable VSWR.

19.0.3 The Rx part will be adjusted at the repeater-RX-frequency (uplink), by minimising VSWR, and in the same time observing outputpower.

19.0.4 Then the deepness of the notch on the downlink-frequency at +600 kHz must be checked.

19.0.5 The same procedure applies to the Tx-part of the filter, at the repeater-Tx-frequency (downlink) and the notch on the uplink-freqency (-600 kHz).


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