pa0nhc swrsweeper v2


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Project files :

SCHEMATIC_SWRsweeper V2_s4-7.pdf   Ver. 20170527


Sweeper software :

It is important that the correct Arduino board is recognised. You have to install FIRST :.

a. Arduino 1.8.2 IDE upload software   or the    OPENWRT YŚN 1.5.3   Linux update
b. Start this program and go to "File"  / "Preferences" / "Additionel Boardmanagers"
c. Copy and paste there the following link : 


d. Then go to : "Extra" /  "Board" and choose "Sparkfun Pro Micro".

Then Download and install : 
DC2WK Windows application software
This program uses the data from the Pro Micro correctly.

    How to download the Arduino .INO sweep-and-calculation program with the correct file extension :
1. Click on de link below.
2. Choose "Save".
3. Go to the saved file, and change the file name extension from "htm" into  "INO".

Klick HERE with the right hand mouse button to download the "INO" file. Version 20170525  14:11

       Install as last the .INO software in the Arduino Pro Micro board :
3. Doubble click on the saved ".ino"  file and follow the instructions.
    The file will be opened in the Arduino 1.8.0 IDE upload software.
4. Upload the file into the SWRsweeper V2 Arduino Pro Micro Board.

Now you can test the Sweeper (see "Functional test" in "Soldering").

            More info used by me during development :

Arduino SPI software library
Install it in your PC or laptop.

Extra information i used :
Arduino Pro Micro board datasheet
Sparkfun Arduino boards - all info.

Pro Micro hookup guide

K6BEZ info.