pa0nhc SWRsweeper V2

Sweep of my 10m. circumference loop, tuned to 80m, and matched by an extra transformer. Measured at the transmitter connection of the coax feeder.


Combined 1-50MHz sweeps of test resistors 40-150 Ohms.

Professional double sided PCBs are order able at   eBay.

        Introduction :
With this "SWR sweeper V2", between 0.05MHz and 25 MHz (70MHz) the resonance frequency and 50 Ohms match of an antenna system or filters, can be recognized fast and easilly on a connected laptop.
It is small (6.3cm x 6.3cm x 4.3cm) and light weight (abt. 100gr). For most reliable results it could be connected directly onto an antenna feed point. It communicates with a laptop through a (thin) USB cable, and receives its 5V power. Communication is tested with up to 12.5m length thin USB cable.

        Component purchase suggestions :
a. The tiny AD8361ARMZ (8-lead SOIC, brand J3A) are quickly delivered from
arrow.com (or much cheaper and on on eBay , but with much longer delivery time).
b. The Arduino Pro Micro board (5V/16MHz version) and HC-SR08 985
1 30MHz Xtal version DDS board can be ordered at tinytronics.nl (or on eBay).
           Search there for "Arduino Pro Micro" and "DDS".

Operation Schematic details