pa0nhc SWRsweeper V2

I am waiting for ordered past.
! This article is therefore still a concept, until the design is fully tested !
Factory-made PCBs will become available on eBay.

This information is a hobby project from a pensioner. I present it for free. The PCB is made available for your convenience.
I did everything possible to prevent faults, still i cannot take any responsibility for problems occurring.

PCB without ICs and housing.

        Introduction :
This "SWR sweeper" enables easy and fast display of the resonance curve of an antenna on a laptop/PC, and its "50Ohms match" frequency. It is light weight  (110gr) and small (8.5 x 6.5 x 6 cm3). It is therefore suited to be connected directly onto an antenna feed point.

It gets 5V operating power and frequency step commands from the laptop, and the laptop is receiving the measured data stream from the SWRsweeper, through a thin USB cable. No batteries nor power supply are needed.

        Purchase suggestions :
a. The PCB will become orderable at eBay when tested.
b. The MCP661 and AD8361 (both 8-lead SOIC) can be ordered
arrow.com (or cheaper on eBay).
c. The Arduino Pro Micro board (5V version) and HC-SR08 9850 DDS board can be ordered at
tinytronics.nl (or eBay)..
           Search here for "Arduino Pro Micro" and "DDS"

Operation Downloads Schematic details Soldering Instructions