Antenne SWR scanner V1.
Versie pa0nhc 20160404

SWR sweep  (40m/80m loop antenna).

My prototype on VERO board.

In a little box made of blank PCB
abt. 60 x 60 x 60 mm3

This little handy instrument quickly and simply enables you to show the SWR curve of antenna's between 0.8MHz and 70MHz, and shows the frequency where SWR is best. It is NOT an antenna analyzer.

This version 1 of my "Antenne SWR sweeper", is equipped with cheap (compatible) 5Volt Arduino Pro Micro and  5Volt (20 pins) 9851 DDS boards.

By using a 5V Arduino Pro Micro processor board, the whole is powered through the micro-USB connection, is (once) programmed, and the measuring data are send to the connected PC/laptop. It is small and could be directly connected to the antennas feed point, while connected to the laptop through a thin USB cable.

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