<< SWRsweeper v1

SWRsweeper schematic pa0nhc (PDF)

Sweeper software pa0nhc for upload to a Arduino Pro MIcro board (TXT).
1. Open thet TXT file in a text editor, with the option "Alinea end = (CR)".
2. Copy the content.
3. Paste it as "New sketch"in the "Text" screen of "Arduino 1.8.0 IDE"
4. Upload it to the Arduino Pro Micro

XRAY view (PNG)

Parts locations (PNG)

Precise masks for a double sided DIY PCB (PDF)
If you want only a single sided PCB :
1. Use only the bottom copper
2. (see XRAY view) for all green top copper tracks, make wire connections on the underside of the PC>

"tinytronics" sells evert arduino compatible boards
Searcj there for the HC-SR08 DDS board with "DDS".

DC2WK Windows application
has a lot of possibilities and make a nice SWR graph.

Arduino IDE upload software

Arduino SPI software bibliotheken

Sparkfun Arduino boards - alle info

Pro Micro hookup guide

K6BEZ info