pa0nhc HF filter for use with SDRconsole
Copyright pa0nhc 20191222

Capacitors : Film or NP0..

This loop antenna widthstands S(+110dB equivalent signal input.
When SDRconsole is used, with no input attenuation, during evening hours the AIRSPY HF+ SDR receiver unti can be overloaded by very strong Long Wave and Medium Wave Broadcast and FSK signals. Resulting in many false signals in SW bands. This filter attenuates LW and MW, or all SW bands. Its -3 dB corners are abt. 1.4 MHz and designed for standard value components.

Black = for real 5% and lossy components.

Low pass filter section..

High pass filter section.

PCB in Hammond ALU diecast box 1590Y.
Swich : LORIN CK-1052 or CK-1062