Pa0nhc again improved version of Pa0rdt "Miniwhip" active wideband receiving antenna.
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Sets of 2 PCBs are available (with or without some parts). Order at :
As i cannot invest, i do not supply other parts, nor completed build units.

Set of two PCBs + BFU590G + BF998 : 25 Euro.
Set of two PCBs : 20 Euro.
Both including free worldwide shipment.

I do not publish schematics anymore.
 A from Oekra´ne commercially available copy in SMD technique of a former version of me is not approved by me. I have no contact with them.
I doubt its quality, as small SMD components cannot be the absolutely needed good quality FOIL or NP0 capacitors, i think.
Also, the specifications of the present large-signal properties (measured by pa3fwm) of the present newer design, are far better than of the not approved SMD copy.

Properties Updates Partslist Assemblage Installation

1. Save the PDF files to HDD (click-right - "Save as ....") 
2. Open the file from the HDD in ADOBE READER   https://get.adobe.com/nl/reader/
3. Print the file at A4 paper with setting "Scale 100%". 
3. Keep the prints as documentation for building and service of this project.

230x42mm PVC pipe housing.