Auto tuner front assembling.
pa0nhc 20150125

Be sure of the dimensions of the switches (shaft dia, depth between pins and front plate, pin configuration).

Print the top silk with size 100%, and use it as a drill template. Adjust it centered to the ALU front plate, mark the holes and drill them.

Screw the switches loosely into the ALU front plate.
Place resistors and diodes at the front plane (side without tracks), and solder them to the bottom copper.
Solder the eight connecting wires.
Slide the legs of the LEDs in the holes of the PCB. Do not solder them.
Put the completed PCB over the switch pins.
Adjust the nuts on the switches so, that the PCB is as far as possible seated on the switch pins.
Tighten the nuts firmly.
Solder the PCB onto the switch contacts.
Slide the LEDs in their holes in the front plate, and solder them.

PCB seen from the front plate. Red=backplane with tracks. DUS= 1N4148.