Installing the antenna unit.
pa0nhc, 20161220 / 20180116

            The purpose of :
antenna height
is getting maximal useable signal strength
the coax choke is to block noises at the coax outside
a good grounded mast is to drain remaining cable mantle noises directly to low-Z ground
a buried coax is damping coax mantle currents and noises.

           The best solution :
        Install the antenna unit :
- as far as possible from noise sources
- as high as possible
- the mass plane of the antenna PCB directly connected (clamped) onto a noise-free grounded mast (NOT connected to mains-safety-"ground")
- if possible, burry the coax into the soil. This damps mantle current noises and is safer in case of a thunder storm.

       With the antenna unit on the house :
- install it as high and free as possible
- try to ground the mast. For instance connect it to the internal steel reinforcement of a concrete structure. .

        Important :
The antenna unit, nor the receiver shall receive noises which could be induced onto the outside if the coax screening..

            Therefore use: 
ferrite clamps with LARGE holes, 
- wind THIN (1.6mm or 2.8mm) coax, or thin mains cable, as much times as possible LOSELY through it.

- over the mains cable near the receiver
- at the begin and end of the coax cable between the tuning unit and the receiver
- at the tuning unit over the coax running to the antenna
- over the antenna coax, at several places, divided over the full length

Remember : if the antenna unit is well grounded, the receiver may NOT be grounded.