ARDFrx2 Partslist.
Preliminary devleopment data.
Schema 20170621-5
Pag. ver. 20170926

In this design special care is taken for availability of components.
Ordering details are given for your convenience.
You could use suppliers of your choice, but do keep to the specifications.

Except otherwise stated :
All resistors 2.5x6.5mm 0.25W metalfilm. Bend their wires to RM7.5 .
Capacitors : RM5 or RM2.5 . DO use stated types.
See also their dimensions at the topside of the PCB.
Keep wires of components AS SHORT AS POSSIBLE, especially from capacitors..

C1 82p NP0 451372
C2 12p NP0 457132
C3,30,31 150p 451419
C4,5,202 22p NP0 531975
C6 3n3 film 451499
C7 3p3 NP0 (determines the tuneable frequency range, abt. 850kHz) 451216
C8,34,35,41,47 100n 531855
C9 10u 445591
C9,10 1uF ceramic RM5 (or elco 5mm dia.) 453382
22n ker. 531808
C12,40 100uF, max d=6.3 - RM2.5 443906
C14 1000uF 6.3V. max d=8 - RM3.5 422024
C25 33p NP0  451313
C26 27p NP0 451681
C32 4n7 FILM (! ceramic Cs cause unwanted micro phonic effect !) 455059
C33 3.3uF RM2.5 tantalum 481696
C36,37 220p 451466
C38 4u7. d=5, RM2   (elco of tantalum) 1471077
C39 150n ceramic RM5 (voor R20=470 Ohm).
See "SETUP" for details !!
C45 22n film  
C48,49 47p  
C203,204 220pF NP0 1420310
C207 4p7. See "SETUP" for details !! 451232
R1,203 1k  
R3 22k METALFILM (! low phase noise !)  
R4,12,15,18 10k  
R5,21 50k lin (good quality). See "Suggestions for housing" for details.
See schematic for a fine tune circuit.
R6 220k  
R7,26 2k2  
R13,14 470k  
R16,17 330k  
R19 4k7  
R20 470  See "SETUP" for details !!  
R8,11,22 100k  
R24 3k3 See "SETUP" for details.  
R25 100 See "SETUP" for details.  
R27,28 47k  
R201 680k  
Rx 1k5 (Rx = (ZinFilter-1k5). To be adapted to the used filter type.  
Ry 3k0 (3k3//33k). (Ry = ZoutFilter. To be adapted to the used filter type.  
IC1 NE612N or NE602N or SA 612N or SA602N 152285
IC2 TL072 155617
VR1 LP2905CV 5V 104276
D1,2 1N4148 162280
D3 zener diode 5V1 1110814
D4 1N4002 1262761
FET1,4 BF998. REM : pinning. 153029
FET5 BF244b (dgs) low IDss (Ids=200uA @ Vgs=1.6-3.8V).  REM : pinning. 157082
CD1 BB535 (of BB149 of eq.). (Cd= 18 tot 9.5pF bij Vd= 1V tot 5V). REM : pinning. 153196
LED Bright RED. (battery status indicator). 184560
T1 BC547c ort equivalent.  


    L1, L2:
Neosid coil BV5061 box73.de

Neosid coil BV5170 box73.de
     Before installation :
With the coil inside the screening, first :
- temporarily connect a capacitor of 39pF to pins 2 and 4.
- tune the coil coarsely to 10.7MHz, while observing it with a GDO.

REM: if soldered into the PCB tuning to 10.7MHz is not possible :
changeC25 to 27pF and/or C26 to 22pF.
Their PCB holes are adapted for changing.

   L7,10,12,201 :
Fastron 15uH (SRF 40 MHz)
Conrad orderNr 440273

    L15 :
Fastron 1uH (SRF 180 MHz)
Conrad orderNr 440219

Conrad orderNr 440311.

    FB2,5,6,7 :
One hole  ferrite pearl abt. 3,5mm + 1mm hole. Conrad orderNR 1086866
REM; glue these pearls to the PCB to prevent rattling and noises.

Crystal filter 10M12B  : box73.de .
Rx = Zfilter-1k5  (= 1k5)
Ry = Zfilter         (3k0 = 3k3 // 33k)

Or use 10M16B or 10M20B, and adapt Rx en Ry to factory impedance specifications.

Xt crystal  10.7MHz HC18U  box73.de 
"Suggestions for housing" for soldering details.