ARDFrx2 Partslist.
(pa0nhc schema 201041013-4)
Schema 20171110
(PCB #16)
Pag. ver. 20171

 In this design i tried to use only easy to obtain parts. At the date of publication all components were obtainable.
Ordering details are given for your convenience. Please respect component specifications. 
RM = wire space. Bend wires of other components to fit the PCB.
All resistors 2.5x6.5mm 0.25W metalfilm. Most capacitors : RM5 or RM2.5. Keep capacitor wires as short as possible. 

C1 68p NP0  457221
C2,4 10p NP0 457124
C5 6p8  or  (10p + 22p in series)  
C3,30,31 150p 451419
C6 100p NP0 531906
C7 3p3 NP0 (determents the tuning range, abt. 850kHz) 451216
C8,41,47 100n 531855
C9 10uF 421986
C10 1uF ceramic RM5 (or elco 5mm dia.) 453382
22n ceramic. 531808
C12,40 100uF    max d=6.3 - RM2.5 443906
C14 1000uF   6.3V. max d=8 - RM3.5 422024
C25 33p NP0  451313
(C1) C26 27p NP0 451681
C32 4n7 FILM   (! NO ceramic Cs, micro phonic here !) 455059
C33 3.3uF RM2.5 tantalum 481696
C34,35 47n 531718
C36,37,203,204 220p NP0 1420310
C38 4u7. d=5, RM2   (elco or tantalum) 1471077
C39 150n ceramic RM5 (while R20=470 Ohm).
See "Setup" for details.
C45,47 22n film 1235248
(C1) C48,49 47p 531826
C202 22p NP0 531975
C207 4p7.  See "Setup" for details. 451232

R1,203 1k  
R3 22k METAL FILM (! for minimal oscillator phase noise !)  
R4,12 10k  
R5 50k lin. See "Housing" for details.


Vishay Precision potmeter 10-turn Mono 2 W 50 kΩ




R21 50k lin. See "Housing" for details. 424196
R6 220k  
R7,26 2k2  
R13,14 470k  
R15,18 22k  
R16,17 330k  
R19 4k7  
R20 470    See "Setup" for details.  
R8,11,22,27,28 100k  
R24 22k    Sets minimum sensitivity.  See "Setup" for details.  
R25 100 Ohm  
R201 680k  
Rx 1k5  as for Xtal filter 10M12B .   Rx = (ZinFilter-1k5).
To be adapted to the characteristic impedance of the used crystal filter.
Ry 3k0 (3k3//33k)  as for Xtal filter 10M12B.   Ry = ZoutFilter.
Both resistors can be inserted at the top copper with two wires per hole.
To be adapted to the characteristic impedance of the used crystal filter.
IC1 NE or SA 612N or 602N box73.de
IC2 TL072 155617
VR1 LP2950CZ 5V 175676
D1,2 1N4148 162280
D3 zener diode 5V1 1110814
D4 1N4000 / 4001 / 4002 etc. 1262761
FET1,4 BF998. Pinning. Solder with pins bend towards the PCB, and wide pin to mass. 153029
FET5 (BF244b (dgs)) BF256b (DSG) (Ids=200uA @ Vgs=1.6-3.8V).  Pinning. 563810
CD1 BB535 or BB149 or eq.  Anode connected to mass.
(Cd varying between 18 and 9.5pF with  Vd varying between 1V and 5V). 
LED Bright red. (Battery condition indicator). 184560
T1 BC547c or equivalent.  Pinning. 140539


    L1, L2:
Neosid 7mm coil BV5061  RM2.5   box73.de

Neosid 7mm coil BV5170   RM2.5  box73.de
        Before installation :
        Special 1mm x 2mm trimming tool for Neosid coils  box73.de    ABGL-SD
1. Temporarily connect a 39 pF capacitor with abt. 2cm long wires to pins 2 and 5.
2. Couple a grid dip meter meter with the capacitor wires.
3. Tune the coil core for 10.7 MHz resonance.

       After installing and tuning the coil in the PCB :
- If a core is completely down, enlarge the value of C25 and/or C26 a bit. 
- If a core is completely on top, chose a little smaller value for C25 and/or C26.

  L7,10,12,201 :
Fastron 22uH choke (SRF 40 MHz)
Conrad orderNr 440311

    L15 :
Fastron 1uH choke (SRF 180 MHz)
Conrad orderNr 440219

22uH choke   (SRF > 12 MHz) 
Conrad orderNr 440311.

    FB2,5,6,7 :
Box73.de    Ferrit-Dämpfungsperlen, Durchmesser 3,0 mm, Länge 2,5 mm
FB2 and FB5 can be replaced by vertically mounted 220 Ohms resistors, with the to g2 connected side of the resistor directly onto the PCB.
FB6 and FB7 could be replaced by audio attenuating series resistors. For details see "Setup".

Crystal filter 10M12B  box73.de .
Rx = Zfilter-1k5  (= 1k5)
Ry = Zfilter          (3k0 = 3k3 // 33k)

or use filter type 10M16B of 10M20B and adapt Rx and Ry.

Xt crystal 10.7MHz HC18U  box73.de


Aluminum die cast box Hammond 1590P1  Conrad 532514

SMA chassis bus Conrad 739032
3,5mm stereo
chassis bus Conrad 718574
2x Knob
with scale and brake Conrad 184078
Micro miniature switch 1x on/on Conrad 700568

Fp1  en  Fp2 :  9,5 x 9,5mm ferrite pipes Conrad 1086850

9v block battery connector Conrad 650515