pa0nhc project pages for licensed radio amateurs and sound recording.
PA0NHC was born in march 29 1939 and VHF licensed in 1965. Full licensed in 1980. QTH: De Meern, in the center of The Netherlands, GPS 52.084849, 5.013264.
(C) The use, copy and modification of all info on this site is only permitted for non-commercial purposes,
and thereby explicitly mentioning my radio amateur call sign "PA0NHC" as the original writer / designer / photographer /publisher.

To promote my projects, and hobbyists rebuilding them, i offer
Professional, military quality, double sided PCBs, incl. solder masks, screens and free worldwide postage.
When you order one, consider yourself participating in a kind of crowd funding.

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Most articles are in English language. A few in Dutch language.

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2nd operator "Sokkie" (Socks)
I understand and like cats.

New PCB designs :

Remotely tuned active magnetic receiving antenna.

20171229 / updated 20180103 
Directional couplers
RF output and DC output.

VHF pre- amplifier.  Low noise, sturdy, hi-IP, 28-435 MHz

PCBs in stock :

Single super, 10.7MHz IF, 2m ARDF receiver. 

ARDFrx80 : Single super, 10.7MHz IF, 80m ARDF receiver.

Antenna VSWR sweeper V2  
fast and easy display of the VSWR graph of antennas, filters and cables.
Magnetic Near Field Indicator
Tune your magnetic loop antenna for best radiation
"Miniwhip" active wideband receiving antenna
Ip3 = +45 dBm

Transformer matching PCB
for a 10m circumference magnetic loop antenna
for perfect matching at 40m and 80m.

RF rms power meter
0.5 mW- 200 W 
 -3 to +53 dBm. Adjustment-free.

RF rms low power meter 1 uW - 4 mW 
-30 dBm to +6 dBm.  Adjustment-free.

Noiseless power supply 12 Vdc / 130 mA 
for RFnoise-critical electronics (like Miniwhip).