Pa0nhc radio amateur and sound recording pages.
PA0NHC was born in march 29 1939 and VHF licensed in 1965. Full licensed in 1980. QTH: De Meern, in the center of The Netherlands, GPS 52.084849, 5.013264.
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I am proud to present my classical sound recordings on YouTube.
Click here >> :
25 year jubilee concert of  "Fulco's Regional Male Choir IJsselstein"
50 men male choir + 38 woman female project choir + 19 musicians orchestra + 4 male.female solists + box organ
A continues sound recording on 12 tracks. Post produced to stereo DVD sound track. All by me.
Pse listen with a GOOD headphone and all your sound settings to NEUTRAL.
Listen to more of my recordings on Youtube ? Search for "pa0nhc"

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